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My Holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in the Fotball

My Holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in the Fotball

Dear Family:

Today have been a very special day, you know that i love fotball so i have been in the Gran Canaria Stadium watching the game Ud Las Palmas against one of the most powerfull teams in the world, the Real Madrid. I went to the stadium with Magic Gran Canaria, a company who go with you to the Stadium, the pick up you in your hotel and explain all about the Ud Las Palmas.

When the bus came to the hotel, was very funny because all the bus was with flats of Ud Las Palmas (yellow and blue). Jose, the boy of the company, explain to all the group the history of the team, the better players, the tipical songs etc..

We arrive to the Stadium of Gran Canaria one hour before, we went to the fan zone with live music, shops, carpas of the supporters etc.. we have a very good time taking photos with the supporters (one in special with the tipical mexican gorro and a big tambor) we had a beer and w ego inside the stadium.

Amost 30.000 people was inside, most of them with the tipical yellow t-shirt of the team, singing a enjoying a very special day in the Stadium. I bought a Ud Las Palmas T-shirt so i was one supporter more of the Ud Las Palmas team.

We lost 2-1 but we played a very good match, the score one gol at the start of the match, but la Ud Las Palmas was looking for the gol during the rest of the match and we score at 5 minutes before the end. The people was very happy but unfornatelitily Real Madrid score a goal only 1 minute left to the end. Anyway, the supportes was very very happy, and they told me that is we kee playing like that, we will be another year in the first división.

I went to my hotel very happy with the experience, i am living a really good experiences in Gran Canaria.

Kisses to the family


My fans of Ud Las Palmas


Friends from Scotland


Fan of Ud Las Palmas


Gran Canaria Stadium