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My holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in a VELERO in Gran Canaria

My holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in a VELERO in Gran Canaria
Llegando a tierra

Llegando a tierra

Dear family:

Today i am very happy, you know that i love live new experiencies, and today i have been sailing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A few friends who are in Gran Canaria in Erasmus, told me that there is a VELERO of the university, i call them, and the say, yes, of course. I love the way of live and the kind people of Gran Canaria.

I meet the people in the sport port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at 9.00 am, after we prepared the boat, w estar to sail in the Bahia of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It not was very Wendy, but the boat was prepared to ran, and we had a Little rice against another boat, we lost, but we had a very good time.

Sailing is a tradition in Gran Canaria, they had a few CIUDADANOS who has win gold medal in the olimpic games. They had their own way of sailing in the XXXXX called “Vela Latina”. All the city can see this rice from a lot of points in the city.

During the experiencia, we eat a sandiwch of pork, a special way to do the pork in Gran Canaria, is a tradition to the people from here.

I want to sail more in Gran Canaria and in the other islands. Toy, that is the owner of the boat, told me that in a few weeks he will do a TRAVESIAS from Mogan to Gui Gui, that is a virgen beach in the west of Gran Canaria, i want to do that, so i will go with my new friends again.

I am very happy with my holidays in Gran Canaria and i want t olive more new experiencies in this Magic Island, and i want to introduce more with the people of Gran Canaria, i love their way of life, the love of his islands and the kindnes of his people.

Kisses for all at home.