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My Holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in Barranco de Azuaje

My Holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in Barranco de Azuaje

Dear family:

Today, i have been with a friend who also are in holidays in Gran Canaria in the “Barranco de Azuaje”, in Firgas, that is a small town in the North of Gran Canaria, with a very nice Church and a FUENTE who is very visited for the tourist. (you can see a Photo 1)

The Treking o “pateo” that is hoy the people from Gran Canaria call “go to the mountains to walk” is a few BARRANCOS from the high part of the North Of Gran Canaria to the coast of the Island. “Barranco de las Madres” “Barranco de Guadalupe” and “Barranco de Azuaje”. We start to walk arond 5 kilometros away of Firgas and we finish in the “Balneario of Azuaje”, a old building with a FUENTE of milagrous wáter, who help to the people of Gran Canaria in their health problems, in special with the Orina. Is a pity that today, this building is in Ruinas, because is a very beautiful building in the middle of the barranco.

We have lived today a really nice adventure, in a few parts of the way, we had to climb with a CUERDA, because was a Little dangerous, there was a lot of wáter in the BARRANCO, because this cristhmas have been raining a lot in the North of Gran Canaria.

We saw a lot of families walking toghether. The parents, the sons and the grandparents. I love this way of life of the people from Gran Canaria, they are very FAMILIAR, and the all people love to teach things about Gran Canario to the new generations.
We walk for 4 hours, having time to take photos, to drink wáter and to speak about the beautiful views of the BARRANCO.

After “the pateo” we went to eat to “Los Pollos” a very famous restaurant in Gran Canaria, who makes a very taste chickeng with lemon. It was full of people and very noised, but the people of Gran Canaria love this way of life.

I love my holidays in Gran Canaria, i hope that everybody with be ok at home, big kisses.