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(Español) Have a magic holiday on Gran Canaria Island

My holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in the snow

My holidays in Gran Canaria, a day in the snow

Dear Family:

This island is amazing, you can be having sun in the beach of Maspalomas and in one hour you can go to the mountains and enjoy having fun with the snow.

Today, i went to “La Cumbre” the highest mountains in Gran Canaria, with an altitude of 1900 metros. All the “grancanarios” (people who live in Gran Canaria) use to go to the mountains when is snowing, is like a present of the naturaleza, they enjoy a lot and is a surprisse for me to see al the grancanarios with a lot of Winter clothes.

My holidays in Gran Canaria is a surprise every day. I thougth that Canaries Island was only beach and sun, but more than i know, more than i discover that there is a lot of activities to do in this islands and they are all very diferents one of the others.

The grancanarios are very Kind, it was funny to them to see people from other countries havinf fun with them. One family borrrow me guantes and a scarf and a grandmother gave me a very hot chocolate with biscuits, it was really nice. Already, i know a few words in spanish like “gracias” “por favor” “muy bonito” “¿Dónde está?” i want to learn more, i will buy a book to learn spanish.

At the miday i went to a restaurant in Tejeda, a very nice twon in the center of the island. I eat a “potaje” is a Kind of soup with a lot of meat and vegetables, and of course, with cheese, that was really really nice. Another surprise of these island is their Gastronomy, in Gran Canaria you can eat a very good potajes, fish, meat, cheese and of course “Las Papas arrugadas con mojo” is a special way to do potatoes with a special hot salsa that is really nice.

I am very happy with my holidays in Gran Canaria, i am doing a lot of activites and the people is really really kind.

Kisses for all


mountain in Gran Canaria


Snow in Gran Canaria


Snow in Gran Canaria