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(Español) Have a magic holiday on Gran Canaria Island

Viajablog recommends Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for hiking and activities in the sea

Viajablog recommends Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for hiking and activities in the sea

“The best ideas to visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria without the towel on your shoulders”. So Viajablog title a new report on the city, which, with the signature of Quique Cardona, points out valuable tips to enjoy as a family in the capital of Gran Canaria. Hiking, family activities, visits to facilities such as the Poema del Mar aquarium or the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, of course, leisure offers that can be found in Las Canteras confirm a small user manual and enjoy the city for visitors who travel with their children.

“Kicking, discovering, letting go, soaking up the local culture, practicing a sport and also taking a dip from time to time, is approaching the ideal of vacations that I like to do as a family”, confesses the author of the report, which underlines how “Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is an excellent travel option in which to alternate the beach with a multitude of different options“.

Thus, Viajablog points as a recommendation of the city’s head “a walk through the bay of Confital and enjoy the best sunsets on the island“, an environment that also describes as a surfing area, and of which its conservation stands out.

A day of picnic at the Jardín Canario“, as an “ideal excursion to spend the day” or hiking through the Caldera de Bandama, with its panoramic views, are other tips that the blog provides for tourists traveling as a family. In addition to recommending a visit to the Poema del Mar aquarium and the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, “it offers a few hours of fun and learning to have a great time.”

In addition, the website invites visitors to enjoy a concert at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, “facing the sea”, as “the icing on the cake of a great trip”. Not without mentioning also the “a multitude of playgrounds where we can relax the rhythm of visiting and let the little ones have some fun”. “We were surprised by the excellent state of the facilities in most cases,” the article emphasizes.

Special mention for Viajablog deserves the practice of water sports in the Playa de Las Canteras. This is, “a kayak trip, scuba diving on the reef or riding the waves surfing”. “The bar, the elongated reef that protects the coast and is responsible for one of the most interesting seabeds in the country, provides an ideal area for the practice of contemplation sports such as snorkeling, paddle or kayak“, adds the report, which mentions “several businesses of young enterprising people where you can rent the equipment or sign up for a class or excursion”.